10 Unique Gin Experiences to Try Across the UK

These days, there are a whole lot more ways visitors can get to know British gin than there used to be. While classic options like sipping martinis at the Savoy in London or touring a traditional distillery such as Beefeater are still viable (and worthwhile) pit stops to consider, those who want to get more hands-on can easily do so. You can sign up for a roving history lesson that will lead you to some of the world’s finest cocktail bars, visit a gin museum where you can create your own craft gin blend, pull up a bar stool to choose from one of the world’s largest collections of gin, opt to stay at a gin-themed hotel, or even try a gin botanical-infused spa experience.

Below, check out 10 of our favorite such experiences for any gin-lover, which you can find all over the country (not just in London). No matter what (or where) you choose to explore, you’re all but guaranteed to leave a little wiser…and a little buzzed, of course.


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