Rev Shares Are Dead! Make Money Online Now In 2017 With These Hot Programs!

Rev shares died in 2016. Yes, there are a couple of rev share programs that are doing well at the moment still but they have not gotten the memo that they are doomed.

It was a very rough year for so many people. From Aleppo to trucks being driven into crowds to school shootings to the 2016 presidential election process to all the beloved celebrities that checked out from David Bowie to Leonard Cohen, from Leon Russell to Gene Wilder from Ali to Prince and on and on. A really, really rough year. And many people got burned, some very badly, by the rev share industry which was full of outright scams like “Ad Crump” to programs that were built with good intentions and good business savvy, lasted for a year and then died (Traffic Ad Pays) to programs which looked so solid and “too big to fail” and then in a breath were gone amidst scandal (Traffic Monsoon). A very frustrating and hurtful year in so many ways. Truly many opportunities were provided to test one’s spiritual mettle in surviving this most difficult of years.

But here is the good news…. if you are reading this… you are still here and we can move forward together!

Let’s look at what is new and exciting in online money making opportunities for 2017!

First there is a whole category that has not ever existed before. This is multilevel network marketing companies where you can make money without sponsoring a single solitary soul. How much money? A Lot!

Now in both of these companies your potential income goes to stratospheric heights if you DO decide to get sponsoring people and they are very easy to get people to sign up for.

But in program 1 you can make up to $1500/month without sponsoring one person!


Microsoft is Involved… Google Store… Apple Store! Microsoft has actually given this company 20 MILLION Dollars Worth of Software F…R…E…E! Microsoft Programmers are downloading it all F…R…E…E… too! And a former Presidential Candidate’s Company just signed a contract with this company! Oh, and just in — 2 other major Billion-Dollar Companies are now involved too!

Here is a video which gives you a quick three minute summary…

Here is a longer video which goes into greater detail…

And here, again, is the link for you to join and start making money at CLICK HERE



This amazing and brilliant program marries multilevel network marketing with crowd funding campaigns based on other people’s inventions!

It is soooo simple! 70% of campaigns on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo fail. Why? Because to succeed you need to already have a community of supporters and customers. Enter the KULABRANDS community!

All you have to do is support a product on KULABRANDS with a pledge and a purchase and you will qualify to earn what is now called “Reverse Royalties!”

Don’t you wish you thought of it? Well you don’t have to! It is HERE!

Here is a brief two minute overview….


Here is a webinar that goes into greater detail

HERE! again is the link to get started with KULABRANDS!



Essentially the big thing in 2017 is “1 up” or even “2 up” programs! These are very different from matrix programs or binaries although they make the list as well for the coming year. A 1 or 2-up means that when you join and start bringing people on board you need to pass up to your sponsor one or two of  your first few people that you bring on board. The beauty of this system is that everyone that you bring on board will have to do the same with you and this can go down endless number of levels so you have a whole tree of people coming on board and sending people up to you from their first paid signups. This is a very fair system and potentially as lucrative as any compensation plan system ever invented. You really have to work this in order to see that though. And in 2017 you will have tremendous opportunities.

0. We are starting at point ZERO. This is your essential foundation for your online marketing business. This company has been around for 22 years online! And they have an A+ rating with the BBB! They provide you the marketing resources to build a business.

REAL Visitors To Your Website PLUS…

=> 100,000 FREE Safelist Credits!
=> 50,000 Visitors to Your Site!
=> 10,000 Traffic Ad Exchange Credits
=> 75,000 Ad Views To Your Website
=> PLUS Secrets To DOMINATING Google’s First Page!

==> So much more. Way too much to list here. This marketing tools suite is essential.

1.I suggest that you start HERE….

Join 1UpListBuilder HERE!
And use it to build an empire for 1UpListBuilder and all of your other programs.

2. Next is this very fun program….
The Easy Cash Phenomenon


Join EasyCash4Ads HERE

3. Now that you are rolling forward, having fun and making money with the above, you are ready for…



EPIC Pre-Launch Opportunity With DISRUPTIVE Products & “ BILLION DOLLAR ” Management Team Triggers Explosive Incomes in Record Breaking Time…

Nutritional Direct Selling Giant (Former Owner of Mona Vie) Launches This Amazing New Program.

Products are unique in terms of their ingredients and also the deliverability and the compensation is very much more than generous. This company has a destiny. Watch this essential, must-see video overview about your health and financial future HERE!

Image result for vasayo

When you have watched that video then go here and let’s get the show on the road!!

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