Bitcoin Earnings! Earn Profits Online With Bitcoin-Based Peer-To-Peer MLM Business Opportunity!

Greetings! I am Gary Konigsberg – some call me “Gary COIN” because of my experience and success with online money making and bitcoin.

Let’s look at what is new and exciting in online money making opportunities for 2017! I have never seen such a bumper crop of new and exciting programs. Some of them are bitcoin based peer to peer programs which get you into profit very very quickly.

I invite you to discover as a priority this new business with an amazing compensation plan and featuring a unique education system.What’s better is only 1 direct sponsored member is needed to break even on your startup cost. Also featuring a low entry cost everyone can afford.

I am at your service and focused on your success

Gary Konigsberg
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You can get involved with this program with bitcoin or other payment processors. For a one-time $100 expenditure you will have access to over $300/month in online marketing tools. There is also a real good chance if you get in now for some substantial passive income!Until April 8th you can join for free. This program is making a huge stir and a lot of excitement! Start Here!



Now if you are not so sure what bitcoin is or you don’t have skills or resources for networking then it is time to GO TO SCHOOL!

Bitcoin Earning School is an educational website focused around Bitcoin, here you will learn what bitcoin is, how to get started with bitcoin, how to recruit into Network Marketing programs and be able to use our matrix to generate income if you wish.

This is also a fanastic program with great compensation if you are an established marketer or recruiter and just want to help others discover bitcoin and lots of it!


Once you are on board and starting to profit you would want to join two other programs which are included in the Bitcoin Trifecta. This triad has ad co-ops, marketing funnels and much more which will give you tools to use along with the training that you have from Bitcoin Earning School to completely crush your bitcoin earnings.


Now, once you have gone to school, learned about bitcoin and how to recruit and started earning bitcoin you can jump into this slightly higher ticket program which will give you a lot of extra benefits and an even greater compensation!

This bitcoin-based program will be your hero.

  • .25 Bitcoin (BTC) buy-in
  • Peer to peer so you break even on your first sale!
  • Bring in three and be .25 in profit after you upgrade to level 2 and soon….
  • Earn almost $5,000/month with just nine people in profit on your second level!
  • Also get tremendous savings on Travel!

If you can afford it then do join Travel Party right now because this is the best thing that I have seen in multilevel network marketing. I will be there to help you. Also there is an ad co-op so you can join and purchase your first few direct members and get your business rolling forward. There are other marketing tools being provided by the company and the team. You won’t need to figure out this stuff on your own! So come join us! CLICK HERE!


BITCOIN MULTIPLIER offers two low price easy to get going with programs which can yield huge earnings at negligible risk. Check those out here



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