Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball – Brown – Youth Size (27.5″) Toys: basketball
Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball – Brown – Youth Size (27.5″)
Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball - Brown - Youth Size (27.5")Spalding Rookie Gear sports equipment is designed to make it easier for young players to shoot, kick, throw, and catch. In general, the line weighs about 25% less than standard youth balls for children age eight and under. A lighter ball creates a better playing experience for kids, allowing them to practice proper fundamentals and build confidence in their skills.

The size five (27.5-inch youth) Rookie Gear basketball is made of performance composite leather for soft feel and outdoor durability. Parents and coaches typically notice immediate improvement in shot mechanics and dribbling technique with the lighter ball, and kids will be able to shoot from farther out, catch passes with more confidence, and rebound fearlessly.

About Spalding
A division of Russell Corporation, Spalding was established in 1876 by Boston Red Stockings pitcher A.G. Spalding. The largest basketball equipment supplier in the world, the company has long been a sporting goods innovator, from developing the first basketball to more recent breakthroughs, such as proprietary NEVERFLAT technology.

Spalding is the official basketball supplier of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), the official backboard of the NBA and NCAA, the official volleyball of the King of the Beach Volleyball Tour and the official football of the Arena Football League (AFL) and Pop Warner.

Company: Spalding (2008-06-15)
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