Mickey – A Family Story by John Grisham

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Mickey – A Family Story by John Grisham
Mickey - A Family Story by John GrishamJohn Grisham wrote the screenplay for and produced the enjoyable Mickey, a family drama that explores–typical of the bestselling author–seemingly unresolvable conflicts between the personal and the ethical. Harry Connick Jr. plays California attorney Tripp Spence, a widower whose recent bankruptcy has come under scrutiny from the IRS. Admitting wrongdoing to his son, Derrick (Shawn Salinas), Tripp vows to avoid jail, and the two head for Las Vegas under assumed identities. Rather than stay out of sight, however, Tripp talks the manager (Mike Starr) of a first-rate Little League team into drafting Derrick, a 13-year-old, talented pitcher who claims to be younger. Soon Derrick is attracting national attention, precisely what Tripp doesn’t want, yet he refuses to squelch his son’s brilliant ride to the top. Hugh Wilson (Guarding Tess) directed this brisk, smart feature, which includes a generous amount of on-the-field baseball action and an intriguing subplot about Cuban ball players. –Tom Keogh

Stills from Mickey

Harry Connick Jr. as Tripp Spence

Shawn Salinas as Derrick, a.k.a. Mickey

Writer/producer John Grisham cameos as a Little League Commissioner

Company: Starz / Anchor Bay (2005-03-22)
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