Ideal Sure Shot Hockey Tabletop Game SportingGoods: hockey
Ideal Sure Shot Hockey Tabletop Game
Ideal Sure Shot Hockey Tabletop GameIdeal Sure Shot Hockey is a great spin on the classic hockey arcade game that you now can play anywhere. This 20in. ice arena has detailed players, goalies and all the bells and whistles of a real hockey arena. Control your players with the levers on the side of the arena just like real bubble hockey! The easy grip levers are awesome for striking the lightweight puck (2-pucks included) for lightning quick action. This game is small enough to take it with you anywhere you go and always have the same realistic action as a full-sized arcade game. This lighting quick game will test your aim as well as your ability to block the goal. Shoot the puck, pass and score without the chill of the ice arena. This hockey table is designed with a surface that looks like ice, red face-off circles, blue lines, and 2 goals. Ideal’s Sure Shot Hockey is a 2-player game, measures 23in. xy 14in. x 2.75in. and includes a hockey rink, 4 posts, 2 goal nets, 2 pucks, 2 scoring slides, 2 goalies, 10 skating players and instructions. Enjoy the lighting fast action from one of the game room’s greatest table games in a portable form. Recommended for children 5 years of age and older

Company: POOF-Slinky (2006-06-12)
List Price: $34.99
Amazon Price: $21.49
Used Price: $16.63

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