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Hockey For Dummies
Hockey For DummiesLike its teammates in the Dummies series, Hockey for Dummies is cleverly organized and clearly focused, geared to both fans and players. It is filled with fun stuff such as lists of the 10 best things about the game, the 10 best players, the 10 best teams, and, given even a novice’s inability to mistake hockey for Zen, the 10 best hitters. Hockey for Dummies also contains plenty of good, practical advice: Wayne Gretzky offers a clinic on passing, Mark Messier hosts one on face-offs, Brian Leetch counsels players in clinics on defense, and Ron Hextall teaches goaltending. Authors John Davidson and John Steinbreder explain rules, discuss equipment, and detail strategies. They even give pointers on how best to appreciate the game on television. It seems the only thing missing from Hockey for Dummies is a dental referral for the first time one of your incisors gets in the way of an errant puck.

Author: John Steinbreder
Company: For Dummies (2000-09-28)
ISBN: 0764552287
List Price: $19.99
Amazon Price: $500.00
Used Price: $8.50

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