Bernie Sanders Has A Solution For When People Get Frustrated Over The GOP Debate

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has a solution for those who get frustrated during Thursday’s Republican presidential debate: donate to his campaign.

As BuzzFeed’s Evan McMorris-Santoro reported, Sanders’ team launched drinking game-style fundraiser ahead of the debate, sending the following message to those who signed up to receive texts from the campaign:

Watch the GOP Debate tonight & donate $20 to Bernie through your ActBlue Express account. Simply REPLY to this msg with the word NOW every time they upset you!

Read more on the Sanders campaign’s text-to-donate system, developed by Revolution Messaging, at BuzzFeed.

Sanders’ presidential campaign has broken fundraising records, racking up high numbers of donors contributing under $25. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Sanders has seen an increase in donations amid recent attacks from his rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Sanders’ focus on the GOP debates as a tool for garnering support is not new. The Vermont senator has live-tweeted several debates so far, slamming Republicans for their arguments against climate change, Planned Parenthood and more.

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