What I Learned From Cooking Shows…

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How to Make the Perfect Turkey Sandwich From You Suck at Cooking

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There’s a sketchy fish recipe hidden in Dishonored 2and it turns out pretty tasty

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Make the turkey sandwich from ‘Friends’ on your new favorite cooking show

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A simple recipe for boiled water

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Patti LaBelle is getting her own cooking show

Grammy-award winning singer Patti LaBelle is expanding her lifestyle brand with a new Cooking Channel show. (Reuters) Patti LaBelle, the iconic singer-turned-Walmart baked goods entrepreneur, will be sharing her favorite recipes on a new Cooking Channel show this fall.  The six-episode series Patti LaBelles Place will feature the songstress whipping up some of her classic soul […]

My sister’s Lemon Icebox Pie recipe. It’s the best!

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