Month: June 2016

Learn to Make Some Questionable Zucchini Noodles From You Suck at Cooking

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Oreo Fudge Recipe

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Why Its Cool to Hate Cooking

One of the many things we are now made to feel guilty about is that we must love cooking healthy, high-quality meals. Rubbish. “> There was a time when the upwardly mobile felt they had to be ready to talk about art; to at least know the names Rembrandt and Picasso and be able to […]

18th Century Fried Chicken Recipe Will Get You Drooling

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Guy Makes Fried Chicken With a Recipe From 1736

James Townsend makes a fried chicken recipe from Nathan Bailey’s 1736 cookbook, “Dictionarium Domesticum“, and discovers that people from the 18th Century were well aware of fried chicken’s deliciousness. You can even see the actual recipe from the 18th Century cookbook below! Read more: Loading… Chicken Quinoa Fried Rice Muscle Building Food Recipes : […]