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Two-Thirds Of Cancer Mutations Down To Random Bad Luck, Claims Study


A new Science study by a team at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center has concluded that up to 66 percent of all cancer-causing mutations are the direct consequence of entirely random DNA replication errors. Sadly, this technically makes these mutations unavoidable if we do get them. This stark finding is based on a series of […]


Twitter Mourns The Death Of NYC Black Man Murdered At Random By Sword-Wielding White Supremacist Read The Sick Report

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This is downright disturbing. A 66-year-old black man was fatally stabbed at random by a white supremacist who was visiting New York City solely to gain maximum exposure for his hate crime. James Harris Jackson (above, insert) surrendered to the police shortly after midnight on Wednesday, a day after his victim Timothy Caughman (above, left) […]