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7 Random Pieces Of US Culture That Are Weirdly Huge Overseas


Some pop culture just doesn’t translate well to foreign audiences. Chinese viewers won’t fully understand comedies filled with thick English wordplay, and Canada doesn’t get Star Trek: The Next Generation because they don’t recognize any non-Canadian starship captains. But sometimes the most unexpected pieces of American culture end up being inexplicably huge overseas, and you […]


Former NFL Star Arrested For Meth Possession After Being Found Naked In A Random Backyard!

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Todd Marinovich was arrested Friday night for methamphetamine possession after being spotted walking around naked in Irvine, California. Irvine Police Commander Mike Hallinan told Officers also found a brown bag containing meth, marijuana, and the athlete’s ID. Apparently, Todd was cooperative while being arrested. The 47-year-old was booked for possession of a controlled substance, trespassing, […]