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How I Made Floor Art From Random Wood Pieces


My name is Alexey Steshak. I’m a mad decorator, and I create WOW projects with my own hands. Today I’m going to show you my new project – The Hardwood Floor with Ceramic Birds, which was made for a beauty salon. I have been dreaming of creating such a floor for many years. And finally, […]


This Filmmaker Transforms Random Shadows Into the Most Adorable Doodles


What if those silly squiggles you doodled in the margins of your middle school notebook suddenly went viral? Recently, filmmaker, doodler, and self-proclaimed procrastinator Vincent Balfound himselfdoodling amongst the shadows cast by a rogue orange peel. Before long, his playful drawings had more than 63,000Instagramfollowers giggling worldwide! OMG are these clever! …AND GETS ALL UP […]