Hillary Vs Trump – Love Vs Hate – What Are Our Options? A Brief Survival Guide

The difference between Hillary and Donald is simple this… Hillary has a predictable level of evil which we can pretty safely bet is not much worse than what we have been used to. Donald is unpredictable with no parameters or limits. He will do whatever he wants and then change and do something else and say he didn’t do the first thing even when we have video evidence that he did it. He is not hitting on all cylindars. Hillary may be shrewd and clever or really dumb but it’s fairly predictable. Add to that the fact that if she wants to be elected or, later on, reelected, she had better be paying more than lip service to Bernie supporters.
In any event, starting now I am going to be looking for the love, peace and truth in both of these individuals because it serves none of us to see either of them as pure evil incarnate because we might just get what we see them as! And so, this is our task, our mission, our challenge and our calling in this time and place. To rise above all of the invitations from each candidate, the political parties, the political process and the mass media and the bloggers and each other to see love and unity instead of hate and divisiveness. It’s not easy but there are no options that are better. It is the only way in which we don’t get played or manipulated. It is the only way in which we maintain our integrity as not for sale and impervious to whatever we would have been fearful of otherwise.
I say to you and to myself….it is  time to grow up and rise up, not necessarily as a mass movement but as individuals in our own heart of hearts.

Here are some things that we can do to find peace and love in the moment as opposed to resentment of the past or fear of the future….

Do this any time but when you are driving….
1. close your eyes… 2. Open your eyes and see the world as entirely new.
Do this repetitively until you feel at peace.
2. Settle into the moment…. Breathe…quietly, softly inhale, as you exhale confirm that this moment is ok….
keep doing that until you know all is well.
3. When you have an upset you have a picture of that upset in your mind. If you see that picture in your mind shift to see yourself
looking at the picture…it will help move it away and desensitize it.
4. You can meditate. You do not need to do this for hours on end or even more than a minute or a few minutes. If you breathe in once
and focus on the breath and then exhale and focus on that it will, almost 100% of the time, generate a more peaceful state of mind and being to
greater or lesser degree. You might add to this by a. recalling a peaceful time and the feeling of peace you felt at that time or b. visualizing that
when you inhale you are importing love and peace and when you are exhaling you are releasing your fears or upsets or c. whatever works
5. oh and by the way…..TURN OFF YOUR TV!
 – Rev GK (Gary Konigsberg)

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