Woman Trains Her Dog To Act Exactly Like A Soldier In This Unusual Routine

Dogs are some of the smartest creatures around: they absorb all the information around them, and use it in many ways: it can be as simple as performing simple tricks to even saving a life!

That’s why dogs are man’s best friend, among many other reasons of course. We love them no matter what, and they make awesome companions.

If you have a dog at home, you’ve probably taught him or her the basic commands: when to use the bathroom, how to fetch, when to sit, etc.

But one pooch-lover took her dog’s training to the next level. Dressage level, that is!

Dressage is a sport common for horses: competitions in horse dressage are fun and interesting to watch. Dressage for dogs is no different – and may just be even more entertaining!

Dressed up as a soldier, this woman and her dog perform an elaborate routine for a crowd, who seem to be quite impressed with the duo. They reenact scenarios soldiers may face, such as getting up early in the morning and exercising.

But perhaps the most spectacular part of the routine camewhen the soldier lay down on the ground, perfectly still. The dog dutifully tries to resurrect his beloved companion with doggie CPR!

What an incredible pair, and what a talented dog.

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