Woman Is Devastated When 14-Year-Old Dog Goes Missing, Then Ambulance Pulls Up To Her House

Every pet owner’s worst nightmare is realizing their pet is missing.

Whether the pet intentionally ran away, or just wandered off without thinking, it’s an impossible feeling for a pet owner.

Brittany Hornsby, a woman living in Tampa, Florida, had to deal with that nightmare when her dog, Stripe, went missing. Stripe and Brittany had spent 14 years together, so Brittany was heartbroken when she couldn’t find Stripe.

She was terrified that someone would find Stripe and decide to keep the dog that would basically mean she’d never see Stripe again.

Across town, Chris Ankwiz, co-owner of Vet Care Express Animal Service, came across a sweet stray and realized he and his team could help. The stray dog was dehydrated and exhausted, so Chris started caring for the confused dog.

After nursing the dog back to health, Chris posted a few photos of the dog he’d found on Facebook, hoping that someone would recognize the pup.

Brittany saw the photos and breathed a huge sigh of relief the stray dog Chris had found was her baby, Stripe!

Chris and Vet Care Express helped reunite Brittany and Stripe, even though that’s not what they normally do. Chris doesn’t typically reunite animals with their owners, but he would never turn his back on a pet in need.

Watch the video below to see the rest of this wonderfully uplifting story!

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