Rude Neighbors Wont Pick Up Dog Poop, Then Mailman Leaves Note In Mailbox About His Revenge

Residents of one Parker, Colorado neighborhood are fighting a frustrating (and smelly) battle. Folks walking their dogs typically access the walking trail connected to the path beside the street’s mailboxes. It’sright where the postman accesses the street’s mailboxes… and the area is completely overrunwith dog poop.

Neighbor Toni Hazlip says dog poophas been an “ongoing issue,” and those who are fed-up have tried several techniques to get owners to pick up after their dogs, once and for all. They’ve hung dog waste bags, posted warning signs, and even began cleaning up strangers’messes themselves.

“Every time I come to check the mail it always smells like dog poop,” says another neighbor Christy Gibbs. “It’s insane.”

Recently, the residents of the Parker neighborhood went to check their mail, opened up their boxes… and found absolutely nothing inside. For two days straight, no one received any mail!

Then came the typed notes they found in each of their mailboxes from the mailman himself. And he had something he wanted to make very clear the entire neighborhood, whether or not they were responsible for the mess.

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