Necoichi Portable Cat Cage Stress Free Trip PetSupplies: cat
Necoichi Portable Cat Cage Stress Free Trip
Necoichi Portable Cat Cage Stress Free TripOur portable cat cage was designed specifically for cats as a multipurpose cage/carrier and portable cat hotel. Its fully collapsible, portable design makes for maximum efficiency.
It can be used as
1. Travelling. Happy cats make for happy travel!
2. Emergency, disaster escape
3. A private room for a cat(s)
4. An escape from the stresses of moving, having guests over, and cleaning
5. This cage is also helpful when you rescue a cat or one of your cats is unwell. Rescued cat needs to be isolated until taking medical examination. And it is important to ease your cat’s stress by separating from other cats and give the cat private space.
Most of cats hate traveling but this portable cage will change the way you and your cat think about travel with this comfortable, roomy, and breathable cat palace! Never stress about your cat being in the car again with large mesh panels for maximum ventilation and visibility, built-in seat belt straps, zipper lock, and comfortable fleece mat. Large enough to put 2 cats and Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box sold separately. It comes with comfy fleece mat (One side is fleece, the other side is water-proofed material) and storage bag (Big enough to put both portable cage and Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box)

Company: CAT1st
List Price: $69.99
Amazon Price: $14.42

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