Dog Covered In Messy Tangles Of Dirty, Matted Fur Looks Unrecognizable After Being Shaved

It always amazes me to see how neglect can affect an animal.

When you look at a well-cared for and loved dog, it is hard to imagine them with fur so out of control, people can’t even touch them.

But the dog in the video below was clearly an animal that someoneforgot about, either by choice or circumstance. Thankfully, after some love and care, she looks brand new.

Shallot was an abandoned dog who was found in Surin province by Save Elephant. At first, Shallot refused to let anyone even touch her.

But they started giving her care right there on the street, working to cut down her messy tangles of fur and cut it off as much as they could. She was quickly transported to a vet and they were able to shave the mess off. Looking at her now, she doesn’t even look like the same dog!

For more news about the elephants and other animals Save Elephant rescues, you can check out their Facebook page.

If you love to see animal transformations from before and after neglect, you will love to see how different this cat looked after having pounds of octopus-like fur shaved off of her.

[Video Credit: Save Elephant]

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