Couple Hears Barks From Under Their Sidewalk, Then Removes Bricks To Find A Trapped Dog

In 2015, a sidewalk in Russia collapsed leaving a large hole in the brick.

A pregnant dog named Birka ended up finding that hole and using it as her den. But, when it was time for workers to repair this caved in area of the pavement, they did so while the dog was still beneath.

Whether they knew or not, they buried this dog alive.

Thinking about how she must have felt, and how scared she was is heartbreaking. Thankfully, someone else agreed.

When they heard muffled barks beneath the sidewalk, the tenants from the nearby apartment realized that the dog must have never come out before the workers decided to close everything up.

There were bricks piled above and the couple immediately went to authorities for help, but they did nothing.

So, the man took matters into his own hands. Digging out the pup, brick by brick, and then excavating the rest. He eventually made it far enough in, he was able to see her sad eyes from the darknessand he helped carry her out to the surface.

This rescue is both devastating and uplifting, because although this dog was heroicly saved, her puppies couldn’t make it. She shouldn’t have been buried in the first place, but thankfully, good samaritanswent above and beyond to fix what was wrong.

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