Camera Catches Mom Sobbing Uncontrollably When Reunited With Dog 2 Years After He Went Missing

Thinking about losing our pets is a nightmare. We already have to come to terms with the fact that we’ll most likely outlive our furry friends, so thinking about them getting lost or somehow taken, will give us even more heartbreak knowing we didn’t keep them in our grasp.

Thankfully, now we have technologies that help us find our lost loved ones by tracking or scanning a chip that is implanted in them when they’re puppies or kittens.

But, unfortunately, sometimes they aren’t found by people who chose to give them back. And sometimes, we lose hope and mourn the loss of our pets for the rest of our lives, wondering if we could have done something more, and where they could possibly be.

2 years ago, Melissa Carlson started to mourn the loss of her beautiful puppy McCoy. After he went missing, she searched day and night, hoping that a phone call would come. And while she decided eventually that she had to move on with life, she promised she’d never stop looking. And 2 long years later, her dreams came true.

Nearly 200 miles away from her home, the Animal Humane Society found himand ran his chip. They called Carlson and told her the news. And today, we get to watch the tearful, emotional, and exciting reunion between the puppy that is no longer a puppy, and his loving family.

Although he may have some “battle wounds,” whatever happened to him no longer matters becausenow he’s back in a safe haven that will never let him go!

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