Brown Dog Disappears For 1 Month, But Owner Is Shocked When She Sees Her Fur Is Suddenly Black

Coco, a friendly 8-month-old pit bull, was adopted in October 2014 by a couple from California. But a month after Christopher and Heather welcomed Coco into their home, she went missing.

Christopher and Heather began a desperate search for Coco, a pup with reddish-brown fur and distinct white markings on her chest, but they came up empty-handed.

Then one day, a local animal-control officer spotted a large black dog wandering the streets alone.

The officer transferred the stray dog to an animal shelter and scanned her for a microchip. It was Coco! But her fur was a completely different color… how could this be?

Christopher and Heather learned that Coco had been found and that they would not recognize her when they came to pick her up.

It was suspected that Coco was stolen from her yard, and the thieves dyed her fur black in an attempt to deceive her worried owners.

Just days after the happy reunion, and as her baddye job began to fade, Coco disappeared from her backyard again. She turned out to be a skilled escape artist who dug a hole under the fence.

“We buried a board into the dirt… so she’d hit the board,” Heathersaid. “But she found a new spot.”

It’s believed that Coco’s talent for digginggot her stolen in the first place… and then made it possible for her to escape her captor.

Luckily, she still had her microchip.

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