20 Worst Habits for Heart Health

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20 Worst Habits for Heart Health
© Provided by Eat This, Not That! Think you’re doing everything you can to keep your ticker in tip top shape? Think again. “We have to change the way we think about the causal factors in heart disease,” says Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, author of the The …

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united-states-c5a-cargo-plane-US Plane Taking off the Runway

manhhai posted a photo:

united-states-c5a-cargo-plane-US Plane Taking off the Runway

A United States C5A cargo plane lifts off the runway here carrying orphans to Clark Air Base in the Phillippines. The plane minutes later crashed off the end of the runway. Officials said the plane crashed one mile off the runway after the pressurization failed. The plane carried 180 passengers and a crew of 12. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Stan Middleton PRO 3y
The plane had to return to Saigon after the rear hatch blew open over the South China Sea not long after take off. It had no other option but to return & try & land at Tan Son Nhut as it would have crashed anyway. They did not quite make the runway. The statement by mdrmmdrm is totally correct. How do I know! My Vietnamese wife Sinh worked at one of the Orphanages (To Am) run by Rosemary Taylor of Friends for all Children. She helped prepare a lot of the babies for the flight and they took some back that survived. One of the babies never made it out of Vietnam due to his injuries. One of my wife’s friends at the To Am Orphanage bought him up in Saigon. where he still lives (now married). Possibly the only one who never received any compensation as a result of the crash. Once Saigon fell any left behind were on their own. Fortunately for Simon my wife’s friend Thu dedicated her life to raising him and did not marry as a result. No doubt the US family who were going to adopt him received compensation but Thu received none but worked hard to give him a life.

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