A Cat Wanders Onstage During A Folk Music Concert

Way off in the country of Beirut, there are some pretty impressive laws that protect cats and animals of all sorts. Policies that protect anyone from abusing feral cats, or needlessly attacking or threatening animals in any way. So, when an audience of concert-goers was beginning to enjoy a folk musicbands songs, no one was too distracted by a certain audience member who really seemed to like the way they played!

As the song continues on, you can easily see that this little cat really knows her stuff! As the music softly fades in, she happily descends the stairs to listen. While she eventually leaves the concert through the stage door, it’s at the 1:11 mark of this hilarious video that we honestly couldn’t stop laughing at! For anyone that has a cat, they’ll instantly recognize this silly behavior.

The cat seems to be startled from the sudden intensity of the music and rushes onto the stage out of no where! When this cat jumps onstage due to the banging sounds of the music, we couldn’t stop smiling. What a fun video to watch, and we’re honestly so happy that the people of Beirut are so kind to their animals. No one is shooing the cat away, no one is trying to scare her, and no one is abusing animals in any way, shape, or form.

Hopefully someone managed to get this beautiful little cat to take to a forever home. Just because they’re currently homeless doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to have a home, too!

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