7-Year-Old Prodigy Impresses Taylor Swift With His Piano Playing

One talented Taylor Swift fan had his prayers answered: He’s going to meet the superstar at an upcoming show.

Earlier in August, Jacob Velazquez shared a YouTube video of himself playing a Swift medley on the piano. The7-year-old, whowas diagnosed withautism three years ago, faultlessly played several songs from her latest album. (Pay attention to when he speeds up the tempo at the 5:25 mark!)

Im your biggest fan and I hope you can sign this for me one day, Jacobsays in the clip while holding Swift’s 1989 album. I hope we can jam and I can play something for you and it goes something like this.

Swift, whois known for surprising her fansand even donating to them in times of need, quickly responded to the talented boy’s request.

“I HAVE to give you a hug for that beautiful piano medley you did! Please come to a show on my tour and say hi to me? My treat,” shetweeted on Wednesday.

According to Jacob’s mom, Tina Velazquez, meeting his idolisone of the few thingsJacob hasever asked for. He has Swift’s album on repeat and watches her YouTube videos religiously, Tina explains ina post forautismspeaks.org. Luckily, his dreams are coming true in time for his birthday on Sept. 29.

“I can’t wait to meet @taylorswift13!!! #BestDayEver,” the boy tweeted.

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