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Gym Review – Planet Fitness

Believe it or not this gym was created by a group of friends who were drinking a bottle of tequila one night after their gym had gone under. The group was trying to decide on what to do next, after a few shots someone had the idea of “creating a gym for everyone”, A sort […]

Health Benefits Of Truffles

Although truffles are very costly, there are now many more reasons to eat it apart from the truth that it is very exciting to eat a delicacy. One of these reasons is you are consuming truffles because these may bring you health benefits. Through the years, contentions have been hounding the health benefits and nutritional […]

Bulimia Effects on Intimate and Sexual Relationships

Bulimia affects many areas of a sufferer’s life. One of the most affected is the area of relationships (especially intimate and sexual relationships). The latest research found that: – People with bulimia have insecure attachments to partners. – Have poor quality or absent intimate relationships. – Experience self-silencing, self-consciousness during sexual activity. – Bulimic women […]

The Amazing Healing Power Of Guyabano

What Is Guyabano? People in the Philippines call this fruit Guyabano while it is called Soursop or Custard Apple in English. This tropical fruit with the scientific name Annona Muricata is also known as Graviola (Portuguese,) GuanĂ¡bana (Spanish,) Pawpaw (Brazilian) and Corossol (French). The low-branching, slender, bushy Guyabano tree only grows about 7 to 9 […]