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30 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

A surprising and alarming number of Americans have high blood pressure, over 50 million, and the scariest part is around 30% do not know they even have it. It is sometimes called “the silent killer,” due to the fact that it usually does not give any early warning signs. Hypertension, another word for it, is […]

ADHD and Diabetes: What’s the Connection?

At first glance, diabetes and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) seem like two completely unrelated health conditions. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by abnormal blood sugar levels, whereas ADHD is a psychological problem signified by chronic inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Yet the connection between these two conditions is closer than you think. According to […]

Avoiding Injuries in Squash

Squash is a game of quick stops and starts, and hard, jerky movements that strain just about every part of the body. Over time, most squash players experience injuries of some form, even though so much can be done to avoid the onset of injuries and even more can be done to facilitate healing after […]