Sex Enhancement Medication and High Blood Pressure

Men suffering from high blood pressure have a higher chance of experiencing issues related to erections. Hypertension damages the arteries and makes the physical part of maintaining an erection difficult. If left untreated, impotence induced by hypertension may become a permanent. However, in an effort to treat your bedroom woes you may end up using the wrong meds and put your health at risk.

PDE5 inhibitors

One of the most commonly used drugs for erectile issues usually focuses on the physical aspect of the problem. A doctor’s first choice for treatment for this condition will most likely be one of the PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and the likes. These are especially a health hazard to men suffering from hypertension. patients using hypertension drugs are advised to stay away from PED5 inhibitors. Widening of the blood vessels causes the blood pressure to drop by 5-8 mmHg which occurs even in perfectly healthy men.

Organic nitrates

These drugs also function to replenish the physical ability to have an erection. They achieve this by increasing the supply of nitric oxide which in turn widens the arteries. These become even more lethal when combined with prescription pills as they may lower the blood pressure by 25-51 mmHg. This means that the option of using erection medication for men using organic nitrates is off the table. Men who have used Levitra or Viagra against their doctor’s advice should not take nitrates for 24 hours. The restriction goes on for 48 hours if the drug in question is Cialis.

What’s a man to do?

One of the reasons why hypertension and erectile problems are closely related is because some blood pressure medicines cause erectile dysfunction. Once you let your doctor know about your issues they can change the dosage or the treatment all together. The important thing is that you are honest your doctor about the side effects of your hypertension medicine. Here is a list of hypertension drugs that works without affecting your bedroom capabilities;

· ACE inhibitors (angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors)

· Alpha blockers

· Angiotensin II receptor blockers

· Calciulm channel blockers

Aside from changing your medication there is still more you can do. Consulting with your doctor will help you decide on the things that require you to make an immediate effort to turn a new leaf. Life style changes have been proven to save us a lot of trouble when it comes to good health. A few changes that will go a long way to restore normalcy include;

· Stop smoking

· Manage your weight for a favorable BMI

· Adopt an active lifestyle

· Reduce your sodium intake levels

· Add some potassium into your diet

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