Month: May 2017

Weight Loss Tips Through Ayurveda

Weight loss is a problem for many. Gaining weight is very easy, but losing weight is a mammoth task. Millions of people suffer from obesity. Obesity or overweight is an unhealthy amount of body fat deposited in our body. Most people gain overweight due to their poor eating habits and lifestyle, and it occurs unintentionally. […]

Writing a Good Fitness Sales Letter

Writing a good fitness sales letter will be a necessity at some point in your personal training career. It shouldn’t be anything to fret over, because it’s pretty much a fact of life. This is especially so when it comes to increasing name recognition in a prospective client base. Keep in mind, though, that any […]

Implementation of Electronic Health Records

A survey report says that healthcare in the U.S. costs around $2 trillion per annum, or more than $6,600 for every man, woman and child in the country. Whereas, streamlining healthcare with the elimination of medical errors, extra labor costs and general expenses caused by massive use of paper could benefit up to $300 billion […]

Stop Foreclosure in Texas – Not An Easy Task

Texas is a non-judicial foreclosure state, otherwise known as a 21-day state. There are only 6 states with this designation in the U.S. This simply means that when a mortgage company decides they are going to foreclose, they don’t have to use the judicial court system. The requirement in this type of foreclosure, also known […]

‘Not the path of Lincoln’

Discussing his new book, Wrestling With His Angel, the Clinton adviser and historian considers the 16th president and his most unlikely successor In the beginning, its a life, says Sidney Blumenthal. And times. For the first 129 pages of Wrestling With His Angel, the second of four volumes on Abraham Lincoln that the 45th president […]

Using Reiki to Heal a Broken Heart

When dealing with heartbreak the widespread belief is that time will heal all wounds. Although this is most assuredly true, there is a way to accelerate the healing process to bring some much needed emotional relief. That way is Reiki! Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a form of healing energy that was first discovered in Japan […]

Burma, Buddhism And Incense Sticks

May I tell you a story? It begins with a question. Do you remember the times of the 1960s and early 1970s or have you heard about them? Those were the times of the Cuba Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War and John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The times of ‘The Beatles’ asking for ‘Love, Love, Love’, […]