Adele Begins Emotional George Michael Tribute, Then Tells Them To Cut The Music Mid-Song

Whether you’re in a very happy, long-lasting relationship or just coming off a recent breakup, you can always relate to an Adele song.

The British singer has been rocking the charts for years now, with her powerful hits and beautiful songs that detail love and heartbreak in such relatable terms.

After releasing her hit album 25, with songs still getting released on the radio, it’s no surprise that Adele was one of the many stars to grace the stage at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

To kick off the show, Adele hit the stage and performed her smash hit from her most recentalbum, “Hello.” As always, her fans and viewers were in love with her performance.

But the Adele moment of the night that truly stuck out was her tribute to the late George Michael. The beloved pop singer suddenly passed away in December 2016 and the Grammys wanted to honor him.

After a bit ofpossible technical issues, Adele demanded that they stop the song and restart it so she could sing it over again, as this was a performance that she could not mess up. Understandably so, when she was done, everyone in the crowd was standing and cheering loudly for her.

Everyone rallied around her for support online and Adele most likely had the best night at the Grammys, as she won award after award at the concert, beating out many other artists who were nominatedin all of the same categories.

If you think Adele is such a talented and classy woman, you’ll love this video of her inviting a nervous young fan up on stage at one of her concerts so they could sing “Somone Like You” with her.

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