This YouTuber shoots a Nerf dart more than twice the speed of sound, and it looks lethal


Toys dont get much safer than a Nerf product. Youll barely feel a Nerfball if it hits you in the face at a slow speed. A Nerf bullet shot by a Nerf gun should apply only slightly more pressure than a mosquito if it happens to touch you. And a Nerf bow and arrow set would merely tickle if it made contact.

Of course, if a Nerf dart is blasted toward you at twice the speed of sound, well, that might cause some damage.

Hows that kind of speed possible, you ask? Lets look to YouTuber Giaco Whatever for inspiration.

Gizmodowrites that Giaco used an air-powered dart cannon that was cranked to full power and that could generate 400 PSI of pressure. According to Giacos calculation, the dart moves at a speed of March 2.351, more than twice the speed of sound (or about 1,800 mph). The dart flies so fast that you cant see it with the naked eye.

In the comments section, though, Giaco gave a quick hint of what he might be up to next.

Giaco Whatever/YouTube

The answer, of course, is an obvious yes.

H/T Gizmodo

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