Month: July 2016

Gadget Lab Podcast: Earning Man


Productivity is possibly the least sexy topic in service journalism, but David has found a way to spice it up. He’s got a method for creating the ultimate to-do list that involves using a gaggle of Google apps. It’s pretty cool. Also, Michael and David discuss note-taking, “offline” productivity, and the importance of personal paper […]

5 Podcasts to Help You Sound Smart Following the RNC


Donald, Melania, and Ted provided plenty of fodder for this week’s conversations at the water cooler—so show your coworkers you’ve done your homework by bringing in tidbits from outside sources. On this week’s podcast roundup, we’ve got political analysis from eminent conservative intellectual Yuval Levin and from Clevelanders besieged by the RNC. But that’s not […]

Clinton Camps Mobile App Borrows from Sanders Strategy


The rumor mill is still spinning over how exactly WikiLeaks obtained tens of thousands of emails from the Democratic National Convention that reveal blatant favoritism of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders within the party. This whodunnit saga will no doubt continue this week as the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Philadelphia tomorrow. Which means […]

Gadget Lab Podcast: Modular Smartphones Are the Future


Phones! They’re all the same, right? Just the opposite—according to some of the big Android handset makers, the future is in customization. Modular phones, swappable parts, ever-expanding capabilities. On this week’s show, David Pierce tells us why Motorola’s new modular smartphone, the Moto Z, might be the smartest bet the company has made in years. […]