You’ve Found It! The Secrets To Getting Along With Your Dogs

Hug your dog, but don’t kiss him. In theory, giving a dog a kiss is cute, but realize that the mouth of a dog is generally very dirty. He probably doesn’t mind eating dirt, enjoys drinking water from the toilet if he can get at it, and tries in vain to clean himself with his tongue. Many people believe that dogs’ mouths do not have as much germs as humans’ mouths. This is not in the least bit true.

TIP! If you are going to taking your dog on vacation, take a pic of him on your phone. If he just so happens to run away from you, you should have a picture so you can find him.

Have you always dreamed of having an amazing dog? What you get may be completely different from what you wanted. Even so, you are now responsible for caring for the dog, so learn the ropes from the article that follows.

Grooming your dog every day will ensure it doesn’t shed all over the place. Brushing every day will also help give them a gorgeous, glossy coat. This is mainly due to the fact that brushing allows the oils in the skin to be distributed evenly. That keeps the skin soft, shiny, and healthy.

TIP! It’s very important for your dog to get the correct amount of exercise. Exercise and play are necessary for a dog.

You should not kiss your dog. Kissing a dog might seem cute, but they have dirty mouths. Keep in mind that dogs drink from toilet bowls and eat whatever is on the ground. It’s an old wives tale that your dog’s mouth happens to be cleaner that a human being. It certainly isn’t the truth.

Fostering a dog teaches you about the responsibilities of dog ownership. There are many less than fortunate dogs in shelters that would love to find a forever home. Lend a hand by fostering a dog, and determine if it is a good fit for you and your family.

TIP! Make sure the hair located on your dog’s paws is trimmed in order to prevent matting. Straighten the hair with a comb slightly before you do any trimming.

When you have medications of any sort, keep them where your dog cannot get to it. Consuming even a single pill can cause serious health problems or your dog. If the dog does consume some medication, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Always follow your vet’s instructions to a tee. They might not be fond of having a cone attached to their head, but your vet recommended it. The directions that you get from your vet are focused on the health of your pet and ignoring them can be detrimental to your pet.

Active Dog

If your dog seems lonely because you’re not home all the time, get him a little friend. Dog’s love the companionship of others and enjoy another partner to play with. Match them up carefully by temperament and energy levels and your dog should be in canine heaven!

TIP! A dog needs both mental and physical exercise. Bring him outside and teach him how to fetch.

Think about your own lifestyle when considering the dog breed you want. For instance, if you are athletic, you might want an active dog, not a poodle. If you are more of a homebody, a smaller, less active dog who enjoying being pampered is the better choice. Getting a dog that matches your lifestyle will make you both more happy.

Stay involved politically for your dog. Legislation aimed at dog owners is proposed every now and then, and you need to know if this affects you. This is just motivated by some bad apples or a certain breed. Talk to responsible pet owners all around you by contacting your local officials.

TIP! Having too many people trying to train one dog can cause problems. Everyone trains differently, and this can lead to confusion for your dog.

Clip your dog’s nails. Long nails cause huge amounts of pain. It is easy to purchase a pair of clippers and attend to these yourself. If you aren’t comfortable with this, invest a little money and take your dog to the groomers.

Set a regular schedule for doggie check-ups at your vet. You must keep up with vaccinations, heartworm testing and physical exams for your dog. If your dog is younger, make sure that you go to the vet often. Plus, you need to take immediate vet action if the dog shows any signs of injury or illness.

TIP! When your dog has a bathroom accident on the floor, be sure to thoroughly clean the area. Clean it well, and then snuff out any remaining smell with an odor remover.

If your dog gets anxious and lonely when you leave, put some music on before you head out. The noise from the music will comfort the dog and that can help the animal to feel secure. It could be the right trick to help relieve your dog’s anxiety.

When you first start training, play with different reward systems. Trying different techniques can help you find one that really clicks with your dog’s learning style. If your dog is food driven, try using small pieces of hot dogs as a reward. If you have a dog that likes toys, let the dog play tug of war after doing what it was told. Certain dogs respond well to petting and rubbing.

TIP! As a responsible dog owner, you’ll want to pay careful attention to your dog’s food and eating habits. A high-calorie diet is okay in the early stages of a dog’s life.

If your female dog is in heat be cautious – she could very easily become pregnant. A female’s scent can travel a very long distance. As well as possibly causing a fight amongst male dogs in the area, she might actually get pregnant.

You should regularly clean out your pet’s food and water dishes. Just like you won’t eat or drink from dirty bowls, your dog won’t either. Each day, wash the bowls and make sure your dog has clean water and fresh food.

TIP! Crate training a puppy is a great idea if no one is available during the day to watch him. That way, you don’t have to worry that your things will be destroyed or that the puppy will have accidents all over the house.

When you are finding out what kind of dog you want to get, you might want to introduce the prospective pet to your current pet. Dogs are quite social, but sometimes two particular dogs just are not compatible with each other. Having dogs that get along with each other makes your life that much easier.

Dogs must be kept clean, much like humans. While your dog will not need a bath every day, you do want to be sure to give it a good cleaning at least once a week. This can keep his skin healthy and your home clean.

TIP! Walk your dog each day regardless of your other commitments. It provides your dog with the proper amount of exercise and can allow him to see the world around him.

There are a lot of factors that go into owning a dog. Falling in love with a puppy is easy, but there is more to taking care of a dog than that. Consider everything beforehand so that you know whether or not you can confidently manage it all.

If you’ve just brought home a new puppy, you need to designate a sleeping area for him. If you want to crate your dog, never let him into the bed. Before letting your dog into your bed, you should be sure that you’re okay with this being a long-term sleeping arrangement.

TIP! Set rules for your dog’s behavior and be consistent about them. When you let your dog sleep in the bed for “just one night”, you’re setting a bad precedent.

If you are starting to train, start by rewarding them in different ways. See what motivates your dog to succeed. Dogs that are driven by food may respond to small bits of hot dog used as rewards. If play is what he wants, choose one favorite toy to play with him with as a reward. You may even find that your dog is best motivated by a little rubdown and affection.

If you notice diarrhea in your dog for several days, immediately take it to the vet’s office. There are times when dogs get into something they shouldn’t and consequently have some stomach trouble, but it should resolve itself. However, if the diarrhea continues, a vet should be consulted to rule out a more serious problem.

TIP! Dogs should go to the vet at least once per year. Your vet will truly keep your dog ticking.

Just because a dog is outside doesn’t mean they need less attention than indoor dogs. He may develop bad habits including digging, chewing and excessive barking. This may also make the dog more aggressive. Make sure that dog gets playtime and lots of love to be as happy as can be.

You need to ensure your dog has it’s collar with all identifiers on it. If your dog runs away, this can help bring him back. If your dog has not been micro-chipped, a collar could be the only method of identifying them.


Take some precautions for your dog when it’s hot out. Dogs get too hot very quickly. You need to have a place for them to get out of the sun in the summer months. Make sure the dog has ready access to cool, clean water. Also, dogs can have problems with the sun’s rays, so see if the vet has any sunscreens for dogs.


A clean dog is a great dog. While a dog doesn’t need a daily bath, they at least need a bath once a week. You can avoid skin trouble in this way, and also make sure your house also stays clean.


Walk dogs each day, regardless of how busy you are. Walks aren’t just about the exercise. They provide new experiences and a chance of socialization. Walks are a crucial part of a dog’s life.


If you have a dog that chews, give him some rawhide toys. These things will satisfy him so that he doesn’t feel the need to destroy your belongings. You can easily get them at your local pet store.


Don’t ignore this wonderful advice. Use it to turn your ferocious little beast into a dream companion. If your dog is happy, you will be much more likely to love it unconditionally.

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