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Yearly physicals help you and yearly vet checks help your dog. Your dog can’t speak to you, which means it isn’t easy to tell if they’re having a tooth ache or issues with arthritis. Annual checkups can catch issues before they develop into something serious.

TIP! Your dog cannot communicate through speech; therefore, you must learn its non-verbal language. Hesitant dogs need to be taken out of fearful situations.

A dog is a very loving pet and who makes a great companion for any person. Dogs are excellent pets for individuals or whole families. Follow the tips below to learn a better way to care for your dog.

If your dog is coming along on a family vacation, keep a picture of him handy or take one using your phone. If he just so happens to run away from you, you should have a picture so you can find him.

TIP! Do not feed your dog from the table. This will make him beg more often, and he may gain a preference for human food.

You must dog-proof your residence. It is important that you try to foresee any problems your dog might run into prior to bringing him home. All cleaning materials and drugs must be put away, and put your trash receptacle inside a cabinet. Some plants can be lethal, so move them out of your dog’s reach.

Never allow your dog to leave your yard without a leash even if he seems very trustworthy and calm. Anything can happen, causing your dog to run away or get in a fight with other dogs or even people. Your dog is your responsibility, so treat him right.

TIP! Provide your dog with rawhide to chew on rather than actual meat bones. Bones can chip and get lodged in the digestive tract or mouth.

Spay or neuter your dog. Research has shown this simple procedure can lessen cancer risks and can give your dog a longer lifespan. Dogs who have been neutered or spayed are also less likely to run or wander away from home.

If your dog must be outside, build him a house. Adverse weather conditions can be detrimental to your pooch, causing illnesses, anxiety and poor behaviors. Keep your dog safe from the elements by providing shelter.

TIP! Try not to force your dog to eat things. If you purchase a treat your dog doesn’t appear to like, just try another brand rather than making him eat.

If you’re taking your pup on a vacation, make sure that you take a picture of him for on your phone. If he gets lost, you have a recent picture you can immediately access in order to print “lost” flyers.

If you get your dog from the pound, make sure you have a vet check him out right away. Dogs that live in shelters may be sick or may have been around other sick dogs. Error on the side of caution and get your dog all its shots.

Dog Table Scraps

Schedule a visit for your new dog with your local veterinarian. Make a vet appointment right after the dog comes home. The vet is going to check over your dog to see if everything is okay, as well as set it up to get vaccinations it may need. Consider having your pup spayed or neutered as there is already an overpopulation problem.

TIP! You can always choose to foster a dog for a few weeks if you’re not sure about making the full commitment of dog ownership. There are many less than fortunate dogs in shelters that would love to find a forever home.

Resist the urge to give your dog table scraps. If you feed from the table, he’ll become a beggar and stop eating his own food. Feeding your dog table scraps can cause obesity and a number of digestive issues. Train your dog to sit far away from your dining room so that you and your family won’t be tempted to feed it table scraps.

Keep trimming the soft hair near the paws of your dog to keep it from matting. Use a comb first, then start cutting. You can always use a dog groomer if you find the process difficult.

TIP! If your vet has given you medication or special instructions for your dog, make sure that you follow them. Dogs may resist wearing cones, but they are there for good reason.

It can be really helpful to incorporate hand signals with verbal commands when first training your dog. Using hand gestures can help your dog to recognize commands quicker. Give both methods a try, and see for yourself which your dog responds best to.

If your dog isn’t happy or is lonely, consider buying a second dog. Because dogs typically run in packs, they typically love being around other canines. Choose a friend for your dog that has the same energy level and temperament and you will make your dog very happy.

TIP! Ensure your dog will return by placing some type of identification on them. A collar with identification is a great way to ensure that your dog is found and returned if it happens to get lost.

Provide your dog with rawhide to chew on rather than actual meat bones. Real bones can splinter and can get caught in your dog’s mouth or digestive tract. Rawhide is much safer and also cleans teeth.

It often feels right and natural to offer your faithful canine buddy a morsel of whatever treat you’re enjoying. You can do this with some foods, but not all. Dogs are not able to tolerate grapes, chocolate and anything with caffeine, for instance. These food items can seriously harm your dog.

TIP! Make sure that you wash your dog’s food and water bowls on a fairly regular basis. Your dog will appreciate eating out of a bowl that is clean, just as you would.

If your dog will be outside, he will need a dog house. If your dog’s feet get wet, then the continued exposure can lead to stress and other health issues. Your dog needs a space that is dry and provides him with adequate shelter.

Remember, your dog isn’t a human. Your dog’s attention span is relatively short. Try to limit your training sessions to several minutes so your dog does not come to dislike the sessions and you can avoid a lot of frustration.

TIP! If you have a puppy, it’s a smart idea to socialize him with some more dogs soon. Taking the dog to the groomer, the dog park and on doggie play dates is a great way to socialize your do to other dogs.

Makes sure your dog gets adequate exercise. Regular exercise is a necessity, as is playtime in order to keep him physically and mentally happy. Regardless of the activities you choose, the dog and you will surely benefit a great deal. Exercise is a great way to bond with your pet.

Consult with your veterinarian about the best brand of food to feed your dog. Your dog may need a special diet if it has a medical condition, such as diabetes. If your dog does have health problems, certain dog food could harm him. Your vet will be able to tell you what to feed your pet.

TIP! Feed your dog an adequate amount of food. Dogs do not need more than a particular amount to eat every day.

Whatever your vet recommends, do it. They may not like their cone, but they need it for a purpose. It is always best to follow the recommendations shared by your veterinarian.

When your dog won’t listen, be dominant by flipping him on his back. This helps to let him know who the alpha dog is, you, and it is a way to establish that you’re in command. You cannot let him up until he relaxes, giving up. Make sure you are firm and keep it from moving, but be certain not to harm the dog.

TIP! Would you like your dog to have a human food? Give some yogurt a try! Dogs love yogurt, and it’s great for their digestion. But make sure any yogurt you feed your dog is free from flavors and contains active cultures.

If you’ve got just one dog and he doesn’t seem all that happy or is left alone a lot, think about getting him a friend. Dogs come from packs, so it’s in their nature to prefer spending time with a member of their own species. Get one that is similar in energy level and temperament and your dog will be in heaven.

Make certain your dog always wears a collar with identification tags affixed. In this way, your dog can be easily reunited with you if he becomes lost. If your dog hasn’t been micro-chipped, a collar with a tag might be the only thing that will lead them back to you.


Keep your annual appointments for check-ups with your dog. Having the annual exam is the only way to diagnose problems that arise. In the long run, annual check-ups save the owner a lot of money and prevent the dog from a lot of unneeded suffering.


Be sure your dog sees the vet once a year. You need to make sure your pet is caught up on shots, and it’s smart to get tests done for heartworm and other issues. If your dog is young, he will need to go to the vet more frequently. If your dog shows signs or injury or illness, you must see a vet immediately.


If you have a snack, you might think that it’s okay for your dog to take a bite. Sometimes that’s okay, but certain foods are bad for dogs. Caffeine, grapes and chocolate should never be fed to dogs. These foods can hurt a dog from the inside out.


Just because your dog’s nose is wet and cold doesn’t mean he’s healthy. There are many reasons for your dog’s nose to be cold and wet even if the dog is sick. You can tell how your dog is feeling by watching his appetite and energy levels. These are the best ways to know how the dog is. You can check the dog’s temperature rectally.


Taking care of a dog requires a lot of knowledge. Dogs require more than just food and walks. You should be aware of how to properly take care of your dog. Like that, you can both enjoy many healthy happy years together.

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