Blood Sugar Level Chart

It is critical to monitor the levels of glucose for all diabetics. This monitoring must be carried out regularly. The best way to do this is with the help of a blood sugar level chart. As most of us know glucose is the prime source of energy. It is the fuel for the body. Just […]

Four Myths About Diabetes Debunked

The World Health Organisation estimates that the number of people with diabetes is 422m, globally. And between 1980 and 2014 the number of people with the condition almost doubled. Despite the high prevalence of the disease, it is often misunderstood. Here are some common misconceptions about diabetes. 1. Diabetes is purely a disorder of the […]

Living With Diabetes

It can sometimes feel like controlling your diabetes requires constant work, and that no time exists for gathering knowledge on living a high-quality life despite your terrible condition. Fortunately this article offers you several ways that you can work around your condition. Almonds are a great way to curb your appetite and they won’t bother […]

Living With Diabetes: Helpful Advice And Tips

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the modern world. Each day a new set of people is diagnosed. This discussion will help you deal with your new lifestyle as you adjust to having been diagnosed with diabetes. Foods fall on different places according to the glycemic index, a number that details how […]

Erythritol Vs Maltitol

Erythritol and Maltitol have both emerged as a great relief for those who want to indulge in chocolates without defying their calorie chart. Erythritol and Maltitol are both natural sugar alcohols that taste sweet without adding calories to your diet. They don’t affect blood sugar or cause tooth decay, thus forming a popular ingredient for […]