Month: April 2017

Tips That Can Help You Live With Diabetes

Once you become accustomed to living a certain lifestyle, it’s difficult to make any significant changes. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, however, it’s vital that you find a way to make some of these changes if you want to stay healthy and properly manage your disease. Read on for some sound strategies you can […]

PCOS – Inositol and Fertility

An inexpensive B vitamin can help a woman get pregnant. Women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a leading cause of infertility, may ovulate more often if they take the B vitamin inositol. Two research groups in Italy, both led by Enrico Papaleo, have done excellent studies with the dietary supplement myo-inositol and polycystic ovary […]

Diabetes: Important Tips You Need To Know

Diabetes is spreading faster than many other conditions on the entire planet. More and more people are diagnosed every day. This discussion will help you deal with your new lifestyle as you adjust to having been diagnosed with diabetes. Check the glycemic index to determine how much different foods will affect your blood sugar level. […]

How To Live Your Life With Diabetes

Diabetes can be a terrifying condition; however, with the right information, you can control your health and have a full life. You are going to find quite a few great pieces of advice that will help you learn more about diabetes and how to better your health. Glycemic Index You can live a far simpler […]

Diabetes, weight can combine to alter brain, study says

(CNN)It’s well-known that type 2 diabetes can cause medical complications in certain organs, including the brain. But overweight and obese people with early-stage type 2 diabetes have more severe abnormalities in brain structure and cognition than normal-weight people with type 2 diabetes, according to a new study in Diabetologia, the journal of the European Association […]