Woman Is Recording Frozen Waterfall, Suddenly Hears A Scream And Catches Ice Avalanche On Camera

It can be easy to shrug off random moments that happen in nature, since they occur so often. We can sometimes forget that nature, in all its massiveness and splendor, is chock-full of events and instances that can astound and amaze us, whether it’s a rainbow after a storm or a crashing waterfall.

And speaking of waterfalls, in the video below, Susie Leighty caught yet another amazing moment in nature, one that has to be seen to beenjoyed!

Susie was visiting Chimney Rock State Park in North Carolina and recorded a gentle, peaceful waterfall coming down the mountain.

The mountain was partially covered by a wide, flat sheet of ice.

It was a beautiful moment, the water trickling down slowly on the rock.

Then, suddenly, Susie and some other bystanders were stunned when the tip of the sheet of ice broke off and crashed onto the rocks below, the ice mixing in with the waterfall on it’s way down.

They all gasped in unison, but it wasn’t done.

In shocking fashion, the entire sheet of ice collapsed, rumbling down the mountain and crashing below!

“That was awesome!” Susie can be heard exclaiming from behind the camera.

And all the while, the gentle waterfall continued its descent, completely unbothered by the chaos that bordered it.

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