Camera Catches Robber Running Out Of Store, Then A Pregnant Woman Follows Him

At eight months pregnant, Janette Garlowreacted more bravelythan most would in any stage of their life.

When she triedto get a money orderat a local gas station, a security camera behind the clerk caught a shocking scenario on tape.

If you watch the video below closely, as Janette spreads out the money on the counter, to count and give to the clerk, behind her shoulder you can see a stranger inch closer to her.

He looks as if he’s recognizing the money, but apparently looking isn’t just enough.

Within seconds, he gets close enough to snag some of the money and he runs out the door. Instead of standing in shock, fear, or horror, this mom-to-bethinks fast and reacts without hesitation.

She runs out the door. More cameras catch the two of them running into the parking lot.

Little doesshe know, the clerk noticed that theman was acting peculiarly. So instead of getting away with all her and her husband’s rent money, he only ended up taking about $40. The clerk swept up the rest, and now, Janette gets to reflect on the situation.

Although she was brave and strong, she believes no amount of money is worth her or her son’s well-being. This little boy is going to be born into a resilientfamily, that’s for sure!

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