Dad Sets Up Security Camera, Captures Rare Black CoyoteWolf Hybrid In Familys Backyard

Every once in a while, a security camera will capture something truly amazing. For one Hendersonville, North Carolina, couple, their backyard surveillance footage didjust that.

Tom Brass and his wife Charlotte live in a heavily wooded area. Tom had placed a camera near the ground surrounded by brush, leaves, trees, and dirt, probably hoping it would be inconspicuous to the naked eye.According to Mountain Xpress, he captures “400 videos per week of nearly a dozen species of wildlife right in his backyard.”

Little did Tom and Charlotte know, they were about to discover a rare animal roaming around right on their own property.

When they rolled back the security footage, they saw a rare black coyotewolf hybrid roaming around theyard.

In the video below, posted on February 28, 2017, the coyotewolf hybrid is sniffing out a short tree stump on a steep sloped hill. He stays there for a while, occasionally looking around for something else to explore.

Later on, the animalshuffles down the hill a bit, plopping his body onto its side and sliding forward. He then gets up and repeats the process, most likely scratching an itch with the sticks and leaves below him. That, or he’s carving out a place to rest.

Suddenly, the animal shoots up and looks right into the lens of the camera, as if he knows he is being watched. Whether or not he realizes he’s being filmed, the coyotewolf hybrid continues his interesting behavior for the camera.

To see this amazing rare footage, check out the video below and see Tom’s YouTube page for more encounters like this one. Finally, pleaseSHARE this story if you find animal surprises like this one to be intriguing and eye-catching!

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