Chubby Tiger Relaxes In Snow, Then Leaps Up When He Sees A Strange Flying Camera

I love playing with my tiny cat and teasing her with a feathery wand or a laser pointer, but I’m glad she never gets quite as aggressive as the bigger felines in the video below.

The Siberian tigers live in an enclosure in theHeilongjiang, a province of China. Their sweet, playful behaviordefinitely reminds me of my own little cutie when they notice the mysterious drone flying above their heads.

It’s a great way for them to get in some exercise and have fun as they pounce through the snow. I can’t help but smile at the adorable, chubby tigers who clearly enjoy seconds at meal time but don’t let it stop them from going after the dronefiercely!

They form a huge group as the drone zigs and zags through the air and they lunge after it. I’m so glad the habitat was recording the whole scene as they desperately tried to take down the “bird.”

As you can see in the video, one particularly ferocious feline decides to take it upon himself to leap just a bit higher than the others and finally nab the drone right out of the sky.

The others race to gather around him as he continues to bite down into the gadget, but unliketheir more natural prey, the drone bursts into smoke during the attack.

Don’t worry staff quickly arrives to retrieve the device before anything dangerous can happen.

Take a look below to see the adorably ferocious playtime and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

Thumbnail source: YouTube / CCTV+

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