8-Year-Old Refuses To Participate In Therapy, Then Camera Catches Her Singing With Therapist

No one wants cancer. No one wants to witness anyone else going through cancer. And no one wants to go through it themselves.

Cancer is almost a dirty word to some people. It’s scary, it’s evil, and it’s heartbreaking all at once.

But for some, unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. And when that reality becomes unavoidable for kids, it breaks everyone’s heart.

But watchinglittle ones get through the chemo and everything else that comes along with it makes us realize how lucky we really are and how inspirational they all are.

BrittnyValenzuela is one of thelittle girls we can look at as a hero and for motivation inour own lives. At just 8 years old, she knows all her medications, all the dosages, and all the horrible realities of her diagnosis.

She’s proven to be strong and determined byliving through herbattle with cancer.

Brittny finally had her last treatment, and as of now, she is cancer free. Lucky for us, we get to see the one little thing that helped her through it all in the video below: music.

At first, Brittny didn’t want to participate in music therapy. She wouldn’t even look at her therapist. But one day, that changed, and they got her uplifting spirit singing along on tape!

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