Camera Catches Baby Rhino Rolling Around With Mom During Her First Slippery Mud Bath

For animals, playtime is never taken for granted. The same goes for little Rukuru, a black rhino who was born inPort Lympne Reserve near Hythe, Kent, in Britain.

She’s the 36th black rhino born in the wildlife park, and herbirthwas a significant moment for them.According to Daily Mail, “Their population decline is largely due to hunting as their horns are often made into dagger handles which are seen as a symbol of wealth in some countries.” That startling reality iswhat makesa moment like this one so magical.

For the past few months, the baby rhino was kept indoors so she could keep warm during the chilliest time of the year. But once the weatherlightened up a bit, it was time to take Rukuru outdoors for an adventure she would never forget!

The excitedbaby rhino walked outside with her mom, Nyasa, by her side. Nyasa was definitely leading the show with her daughter following along as they began their mud bath.

The more the mother rhino rolled around, the more comfortable Rukuru became with her new experience.

Perhaps Nyasa isa mud bath expert. Either way, she certainlygave her little one the boost she needed to dive into the mud.

Soon, moving through the mud became second nature to the baby rhino, although she did tumble a few times. But hey, mud is pretty slippery, no?

To see this baby rhino’s adorable first mud bath and all the slips and slides that came along with it, check out the video below!

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