Security Camera Catches One Of The Most Endangered Animals In The World In Mans Driveway

When you think about a panther, what usually comes to mind? The rainforest,The Jungle Book,a huge black feline?

Those are all pretty common responses, I’d say. But for one man in Florida, his association with the word panther will never be the same.

If you’ve ever been to Florida, you might have made fun of some “Panther Crossing” signs, thinking, “Why would they have that sign?There are no panthers here.”

But, apparently, there are.

Bob Hubbard was looking through his security footage when he saw a big animal in his driveway, walking through the neighborhood.

But it wasn’t a dog, a deer, or anything ordinary. It was actually one of the most endangered animals in the world: a Florida panther.

The long tail, black body,and striking sight stunned Bob. Now the whole area is on the lookout.

This might be a beautiful and unique moment to witness, but also quite a scary one don’tyou think?

I guess those “Panther Crossing” signs are there for a reason. What would you do if you saw one walking in front of your home or car?

Let us know in the comments below!

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