Camera Catches Firemen Pretending To Put Out Fire, Then You See What One Of Them Is Carrying

Have you ever been involved in a car accident, a fire, or an emergency of any kind? If so, you know that it’s standardprotocol that firemen and policemen usually both show up.

They’re the braveresponders to every situation. Their goal is to make sure that everyone stays safe, and they usually do a great job at leading those in need to a happy ending.

But the video you’re about to see has a much happier ending than most.

When thecamera starts recording,it captures everything happening in front of the firetruck, which is speeding with its sirens, trying to pull over a car in front of it.

When the white car finally pulls over, the firefighters rush over and act as if it’s on fire. They tell the passengers to get out immediately, and they start spraying their extinguishers.

The women inside the car look clueless as to what’s going on, petrified at the thought that their car ison fire and they didn’t know. But, the truth is, it was actually never on fire.

These firemen are all in on a much more elaborate moment that’s about to unfold.

After the suspense dies down a bit and everyone is OK, another fireman comes out and the camera zooms in to follow.

This man is carrying a box, and it has nothing to do with a fire. He just wants to make sure his girlfriend has no idea a beautiful marriage proposal iscoming!

Watch the ending yourself and let us know if you think he succeeded in the comments!

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