Camera Catches Hilarious Construction Worker Dancing Like No Ones Watching

Work days can sometimes drag on. Many of us find coffee or lunch breaks to try to help our days go by faster and with more ease, but some people decide to use other methods that might not be permitted for a desk job.

When Tony Restivo is working, he likes to make sure his guys are entertained and in a good mood throughout the day, so he performs for them at least once a day.

Thankfully, one day one of his employees decided to catch him in the act!

As a pop song by Ariana Grande plays, he pops out into kicks and hip movements! The funniest thing is that his workers nearby aren’t even fazed!

After his wife Sandy found the video on his phone, she decided to post it online for friends and family. That post for her loved ones suddenly turned into a post for the world! Tony’s dance performance now has over 2 million views, and the singer of the song he’s dancing to even posted his video on her social media account!

Within a week, Tony has gone from a humble worker and husbandto an internet sensation for his dance moves!

We commonly think of construction workers as burly, and maybe serious, men, but Tony is a working goofball who gets through his days with ease, thanks to the endorphins produced while performing!

I’d certainly have a better day if he was dancing around my office, wouldn’t you?

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