Camera Catches Only Child Freaking Out When Mom Tells Him Hell Soon Have 5 Brothers And Sisters

Rylee Potter is an only child who is seems a bit sick of living without siblings!

So, one day after his own adoptive parents finallyfinalized anotheradoption, they decided to record as they called him out of class and into an administrator’s office and share the news.

Rylee comes into the room, and his parents start to ask him about how he’d feel about having brothers or sisters.

He immediately says how great it would be, and you might“aw” out loud right away. But, it only gets better.

His mom, Dianefinally breaks the news that they’re going to have five new children coming into their family from foster care, and the adorable, loving Rylee absolutely loses it on camera.

The first words out if his mouth include how excited he is to tell his classmates, and how wonderful it’ll be that he never has to be “lonely” again.

Then, he even starts to cry! If his reaction doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

This family is about to get a whole lot bigger all at once, and while Rylee definitelyseems mature for his age, do you think he’s ready for five little ones running around and sharing his parents love and attention? Let us know in the comments how your kids adjusted to siblings!

The Potter family is living proof that foster care and adoption is worth it! The organization that helped them might be able to help you too. Take a look at “A Family For Every Child”and spread the word!

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