Young Man Yells Stop! Through His Tears When He Opens Wrapped Gift From Girlfriend On Camera

The dreams of many people, unfortunately, sometimes just stay dreams. Through the workings of life or any number of reasons, not everyone has the means or capability to pursue their dreams.

But sometimes, someone comes along to help make your dreams come true.

In the video below, Nia Evans recorded her boyfriend Obinna Victor opening a gift.

Victor jokingly says the card attached to the gift is useless, as it doesn’t come with money, but Evans urges him on to open the wrapped box.

“Oh, I’m so nervous!” she exclaims.

When Victor opens the box and touches the gift, he stops for a moment.

Then he looks up at Evans and says “Stop.”

“Just open it!”

Victor picks up the book, with the words “Nirvana” on the back cover, and continues to yell “Stop!”

After Evans urges him on yet again, he opens it, and covers his sobbing face with the book.

This video was originally posted by Evans to Twitter. Victor is an aspiring writer of anime (Japanese-style graphic novels/animated movies), and has been working on the novel “Nirvana” since he was 16.

For Christmas, Evans decided to ask what he imagined the characters of his novels would look like.

Eventually, she was able to connect with an artist and publish the book for him! Victor’s heartwarming reaction was met with similar reactions online, and led them to create a GoFundMe page, where you can donate to make Victor’s anime series a reality.

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