Camera Catches Man Whip Out Scissors When He Sees Christmas Lights Wrapped Around Deers Antlers

In the wild, animals are left to their own devices. They don’t always have a helping hand to rescue them from situations that may require an extra pair of hands human hands, to be exact.

Luckily, many of us are sympathetic toward animals in trouble. We help them when we can, or call people who are more capable of helping them than we are.

In this clip, one family patiently strives to save a young buck who got a little too into the Christmas spiritand got some lights wrapped around his antlers.

Of course, this was a very dangerous endeavor, and no one is encouraged to get near animals that can cause harm: the buck’s antlers could easily hurt a human who finds himself too close.

The man in this clip is very cautious when trying to cut the lights to free the buck.

The woman next to him tries to lure the animal with an apple, which seems to work, as the buck slowly approaches them. But he senses something that makeshim uneasyand backs away every time the man gets the scissors too close.

Only when the camera stops rolling does the man get close enough to untangle the lights from around the buck’s antlers. It may have taken a good deal of patience and courage, but to see this animal free of the trap must have been worth it!

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