Surveillance Camera Catches 3 Thieves Stealing Huge Stuffed Bear, Then One Of Them Comes Forward

Anyonewho hasever been to the Coldstone Creamery in Greektown, Detroit is familiar with Truffles the bear. The enormous plush teddy bear is a daily greeter tor customers seeking a sweet treat. However, one day Truffles wasn’t in his usual spot.

Truffles had been bearnapped.

Three suspects, a woman in a purple jacket, a woman in a white coat, and a man in a Michigan zip-up, went to the ice cream shop and left with something they were never meant to take.

The woman in the white coatused her credit card to make a transaction, which aided the police in tracking down the bearnappers. Soon, all three were identified thanks to the purchase and surveillance footage from this video posted on December 8th, 2016.

Then, the ice cream shop received an ominous call. After seeing news coverage of the bearnapping, the woman in the purple jacketcalled to say, “truffles will be sitting in a nearby parking lot.”

This left too much to the imagination, making it difficult foremployees to figure out which parking lot he would be in. After a thorough search,Truffles was returned to his Coldstone Creamery home, but not in the most honorable way.

Truffles was abandoned in on the tar, dirty, torn, and smelling like cigarettes.

Gus, the store owner was less than pleased.

Out of all 3 thieves, only the man in the surveillance video apologized for what happened, since he was appalled at his own actions as a fellow business owner.

Gus does not want to press charges. Instead, he wants the three peopleresponsible to come to him in person, apologize, and make a $500 donation in a city toy drive, which he will then match with his own money.

Hopefully the rest of the trio will come clean. Gus is just happy that his favorite bear was finally returned, ready to greet more customers.

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