Baby Girl Goes On First Roller Coaster Ride, Then Camera Snaps Photo Of Her Horror

I think we all remember the first time we went on a roller coaster ride.

Personally, I was at the county fair,and I was plumbterrified that was my last adventure with roller coasters for a few years!

However, some little kids just adore roller coasters because they’re natural-born thrill-seekers.

Others, like myself, are highly sensible little munchkins who know they have no business deliberately riding a boat down a very steep hill at scary speeds!

Regardless, your very first roller coaster is likely to be exciting, one way or another! After all, when you try new things, you just might like them like this cutie pie enjoying her first taste of cotton candy.

Unfortunately for one unbelievably adorable baby, she learned the hard way that roller coasters aren’t her thing (at least, not yet) in a hilariously heartbreaking photo her dad recently shared to Reddit.

Dad, using the handle @renough, recently took to Reddit to post a particularly hilarious photo from his family’s vacation to Disney World in Orlando, FL.

He writes of the moment, “I enjoyed my daughter’s first Disney ride more than she did.”

At first, it’s hard to see what he’s talking about; everyone looks happy to be there!

The ride is filled with a mix of parents and kids, with the kids held tightly as they roll along.

They’re on Frozen Ever After, a recently opened attraction at Disney’s Epcot center that appeals to the massive fan base of theFrozen movie.

In other words, it’s designed for the “Anna and Elsa” demographic of kiddos, mostly under the age of 8.

Kids of any age are allowed on the ride (as long as they’re accompanied by a parent), since it’s a very mild attraction.

Still, one little face in the crowd doesn’t seem particularly pleased about the situation she finds herself in.

There’s plenty of uncertainty on the kids’ faces, but one teeny tiny baby is not quibbling the roller coaster life isnot for her!

Here’s a closer look at the tiny cutie pie clutched tight in Dad’s arms!

He’s clearly having a great time, throwing his free arm into the air and grinning happily.

His little girl, meanwhile, is having the opposite experience, grimacing at the camera.

Just look at that face! It’s heartbreaking andbeyond funny all at once we can’t get enough!

According to Dad, the little tot is just 1 year old, with an impressive mop of hair and, we’re guessing, a pretty big personality.

She may or may not be hamming it up for the camera, but if there were a photo to illustrate the emotion “confused terror,” it would be this adorable baby girl.

Here’s the progression of images all together, as Dad zooms in on her sweet face. We can’t help laughing every time we see it!

Do you have any funny stories about kids riding roller coasters for the first time?

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