Camera Catches Roomful Of Gymnasts Frozen In Mid-Action In This Unbelievable Mannequin Challenge

It is no secret that the Mannequin Challenge has recently taken the world by storm.

The Internet craze usually features groups of people standing still, while in the middle of some kind of action. The participants appear to have been frozen in time as a camera zooms around them to capture them, all while playingRae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” in the background.

The trend has produced countless videos of celebrities, regular people, and even animals posing for the camera. The results look like nothing you’ve ever seen before and make you want to try it out yourself.

So, that is exactly what the Texas A&M University gymnastics team did.

The entire team gathered in their school gym to make their video, which would soon go viral.

The students and teammates decided to pose as if they were practicing their gymnastics routines for their own take on the Mannequin Challenge. Some hopped onto bars, others took floor numberstances. One gymnast even hung upside down by his toes. Talk about strength!

All at once, the college gymnasts froze themselves into their ideal forms, preparing for the camera to slowly pan around them.

They turned up the music and stood as still as they could, not moving an inch.

Those stable gymnasts muscles surely came in handy, as some of themheld mind-blowing poses for the entirety of the 34-second challenge.

Check out the video below to see the Texas A&M University gymnastics team’s full Mannequin Challenge. To donate to the team, click hereand pleaseSHAREif you wish you could pull off some of these amazing poses!

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